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Traverse Siberia as a merchant and amass enormous wealth!

Cherez Ural -Merchants in Siberia-

In the 16th century, Russians ventured beyond the Ural Mountains and initiated the conquest of Siberia. What attracted them to Siberia was the furs from small animals, that were crucial exports for Russia. In pursuit of these valuable pelts, Russians expanded their territories eastward.

China, a prosperous land in the east, was also important, with its highly valued products. Moreover, when fur exports to Western Europe declined, China emerged as a major alternative market.

In this game, players aim to increase their wealth by skillfully utilized, their subordinate workers. Try your best to become the most renowned merchant in Siberia!

Game Overview

The game consists of four rounds, with each round consisting of three phases: winter, summer, and winter. In each phase, each worker moves and acts one by one, and when all workers have acted, the game proceeds to the next phase.

Players increase their wealth by performing actions and completing business cards. Players can earn furs through actions such as "explore" and "hunt," or they can "buy and sell" goods and make a profit based on the difference in price between different regions. In any case, movement is important, and the rules of movement differ for each season of the phase. In summer, boats are the means of transportation, and in winter, sleds are the means of transportation. Worker reallocation, which takes place every round, could also be incorporated into your plan. It is also important to take advantage of worker characteristics and how to handle projects that are distributed before the game and will bring great profits if accomplished.

However, not everything is as it seems. The whims of a tyrannical monarch, popular resistance, or events in a strange and distant land may come into play in your plans. It is up to you to proceed with caution, or to go ahead, taking the risks into account.

After four rounds, the winner is the one with the most money in his or her pocket, after calculating bonuses and other benefits.

Be an "Atmosphere" to introduce and couple your desired girls


You are an atmosphere to instroduce girls. Couple your desired girls to become the Fated Couple!

Download rules (PDF)


You will be an "Atmosphere" to introduce and couple your desired girls. Girls are in the first grade in a school. Watch the changing relationships in 9 terms.

Game Overview

In Yuri-Kure, your aim is that your desired Girl Pair will become the Fated Couple.

In Yuri-Kure, your aim is that your desired Girl Pair will become the Fated Couple. Players assign Support Points to their desired Girl Pair in secret. Each player's Control Points of each girl will depend on their assigned Support Points. You can gain control of girl's Actions by exposing your control points. When your desired Girl Pair becomes a Fated Couple, you are close to victory. Or, Yuri Polygamy with three or more girls may also bring victory for players unsatisfied by a single girl-girl pair.

As the girls act, their feelings for each other can change, they may become a couple, or sometimes they will break up. They can approach other girls, engage in game of loves, or confess their loves...

Player's support for each couple determines the control points for girls. By exposing your control points during the game, you can influence the girls' behavior more. However, exposing your control points let the other players know which couples you support. It is not desired behavior as an atmosphere.

The key to win the game is to keep your supporting couples secret like atmosphere, but make the girls coupled as you desire.